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Friday, May 06, 2005
Dude, I'm Not Getting A Dell!
When shopping for a computer, it's hard to avoid Dell. In the Sunday paper, I get a Dell sale flyer plus a couple of advertising pages in Parade magazine. Since I bought a laptop from them half a decade ago, I still get their catalogs. Dell is the one manufacturer included in nearly every comparison test of desktops or notebooks. But I'm not going to buy one.

Anyone have any suggestions for a notebook? The most taxing thing I will do is edit photos, but as a former programmer I can't bring myself to buy anything too cheap--something in the $800-1100 range. I am thinking seriously about an HP zv6000 with an Athlon 64 chip. Carly Fiorina isn't that much better than Michael Dell, but HP fired her.

UPDATE 06/21/2005: I finally ordered an IBM ThinkPad T43 last week. It cost about 50% more than I had originally planned to spend, but IBM's quality and durability are head and shoulders above the manufacturers I had been considering. It should last a long time, and it has a three-year warranty (which would have cost an extra $180 from HP). The IBM has a higher resolution, matte screen, which I prefer. Battery life will be much better with a Pentium M than with an Athlon 64, too.

I suppose one might say, like that Dell employee did, that by buying an IBM/Lenovo I am giving money to the Chinese government (a part owner of Lenovo, which now owns IBM's notebook and home PC businesses). On the other hand, somebody has to give them money to spend on U.S. Treasury Bonds as our nation drowns in debt.

Dude - get a Mac ! I'm not kidding either. I've owned one kind of Mac or another for over 10 years now. I've bought my wife a couple of iBooks to use at work. I'm about to get my third Mac desktop. Think about that. In 10 years of using a PC, I'm on my third desktop. Try that in the Windows world.

If you need Microsoft Office, no problem, you have it. Try it, you'll like it !
bigal - I have a Mac (desktop and notebook). I drop it in the same unsatified category as I do DELL plus it's expensive and generally not worth the price you pay for it.

I also see that Mac is switching over to Intel chips now, giving up on Motorola.
Dude...I got a Dell, and it works just fine. I haven't had any problems with it or MS products. Seems that everyone wants to pile on Mike Dell or Bill Gates, when quite simply, if these products were not in demand, or priced at an attractive range, they wouldn't sell, and they'd not be here anymore... Looks like both are here and will stay for the long run.
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