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Monday, October 01, 2007
Bastard of the Day
Damn it, those gangbanger S.O.B.s tagged our overhead garage door again. If I ever catch one of those bastards in the act, I'll beat his freaking head on the asphalt until even dental records won't identify him. Don't tell me those bastards are artists -- not when my garage door is their unauthorized medium. Paint on your own damn property. That makes five crimes committed on or in our garage since 1999. At least the Graffiti Blasters quickly eliminate that crap. And don't you bastards even think about hijacking the comments like you did here. I will delete them.

UPDATED 10/02/2007 - Yesterday afternoon, we ran into two neighbors who asked if we had seen our garage door. If I hadn't been so angry about it, I would have said something like, "Seen it? I painted it myself! Do you like it?" Anyway, apparently everyone else has known about it since Thursday night. I guess that means we should get out more, if only to find out what's happening on our own property. We can go weeks without using the alley (except to throw out garbage, and we hardly step outside the garage to do that), but other people drive or walk their dogs back there every day.


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