Day Seventy-Five Photos, Part I

Several ominous safety warning signs greeted me on SR 46 as I headed out of town.

There were oil fields on both sides of the highway  west of Lost Hills.

After I saw this sign, I kept thinking about the Chicago Bears and their string of lackluster quarterbacks. Fortunately, bad passes are rarely fatal in football.

This was one road I was happy to pass by. I don't know what brown material they were referring to, but I know which one I thought of.

Blackwells Corner was the last place James Dean stopped before he was killed in a crash near the intersection of SR 41 and SR 46 just past Polonio Pass.

The original building where Dean made his final purchase was gone, but the owner said that Dean parked his Porsche near this tree.

This sign was posted at Blackwells Corners. I think it was a good marketing choice to promote " James Dean's Last Stop" on billboards rather than " World's Largest Parking Lot."

Paramount Farming Company was one of many growers with orchards along SR 46.


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